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Zombie Abomination: The Italian Zombie Movie - Part 1

Zombie Abomination: The Italian Zombie Movie - Part 1 (2010) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  100m  •    •  Directed by: Thomas Berdinski.  •  Starring: Jeffrey S. Bromley, Laurie Beckeman, LaShelle Mikesell, Dan Grams, Chuck Alderink, Dale Ehinger, Myron Erickson, Sonya Hernandez, Christy Mack, Terry Madden, Jill Mikesell, John Mikesell, Kathleen Price.  •  Music by: Thomas Berdinski.
     While investigating the death of his twin brother, a special forces veteran, a sexy psychic, an evil succubus, her oafish boyfriend, two mysterious aliens and the Michigan Militia inadvertently join forces in a landfill of the living dead.


A few parts of this review may be what some would consider to be spoilers. I don't think they are really, but to be safe, I've included a spoiler warning.

We all know of, and love, all of those crazy zombies movies that have come to us out of Italy. Super gory, sometimes excellent and sometimes beyond bad, the Italian zombie movies have a huge fan base. Whether they're good or bad, fans seem to love them either way.

Thomas Berdinski set out to make a two part homage to the the Italian zombies movies that we all hold in such high esteem when he made The Italian Zombie Movie Part 1 and Part 2.

This review will focus on Zombie Abomination: The Italian Zombie Movie - Part 1. A review of Zombie Atrocity: The Italian Zombie Movie - Part 2 will be published here on National Horror Examiner in the very near future, so stay tuned.

In this, the first of the two-part story, we meet a plethora of characters, each with their own personal story arc. Sgt. Bruno Deodato (Jeff Bromley) who must learn of the truth behind his twin brother's mysterious death, Bruno's dead brother's wife Catriona, a psychic who somehow failed to foresee her husband's death, Dr. Falluci, the afore mentioned rogue Italian biochemist who seems to be hiding more than a few secrets, the doctor's assistant Maria, who seems to be a succubus, and her asshole cop boyfriend Ruggerro, a friend of Maria's named Mariangela, another bearer of sinister secrets, Jeremiah and "The Colonel", a pair of Michigan Militia members who once served in the military with Bruno, one of whom is also hiding a secret or two, a man- hating feminist gas station attendant, the "local pervert" who dons a Mexican wrestling mask and, well, we're not sure what he does, but it's bound to be something really creepy, and two aliens, who look like your average human men, driving around in a van scanning people and cell towers with their hand-held scanning equipment. There are a few other characters roaming about as well but those mentioned here are the main characters of Part 1. As I mentioned, each character, or group of characters, has their very own story arc, upping the zaniness ante. Of course there are also zombies roaming about. Lots of zombies. Some emerge from the water, whereas others smash their way out of flimsy wooden caskets ala Fucli's Zombi.

An early scene in the film is sure to thrill fans of Lucio Fulci's Zombi. I won't go into detail about it, but anyone who has seen Zombi will know the scene when they see it.

Inspired by such films as Zombie, aka Zombie 2, The House by the Cemetery, Cemetery Man, The Beyond, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie aka The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue and City of the Living Dead, Zombie Abomination: The Italian Zombie Movie - Part 1 pays loving homage to the films made by such legendary Italian directors as Lucio Fulci, Michele Soavi, Ubaldo Ragona and Jorge Grau.

I'll gladly state that I believe if Ed Wood were still alive, he would be so proud of what Thomas Berdinski has done here with this film. It's tongue-in-cheek, yet serious. You get a lot of laughs with this film, but the story also draws you in. I should note that this film is an extremely low budget, or DIY, film. It was made on an estimated budget of around $1000, and all that Berdinski accomplishes with that minimal amount of money is nothing short of phenomenal.

If you're a fan of Italian zombies movies, a fan of horror spoofshomages or a fan of movies that are fun, I highly recommend Zombie Abomination: The Italian Zombie Movie - Part 1.

Review by DMentD Cinema from the Internet Movie Database.