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Xingxing Xiangxi Xi

Xingxing Xiangxi Xi (2008) Movie Poster
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China  •    •  86m  •    •  Directed by: Zi'en Cui.  •  Starring: Bo Yu, Guifeng Wang, Xiwen Zhang, Jian Hou, Xiao Wu, Wei-Ming Wang, Bin Yu, Nan Qi, Yuejie Wang, Dawei Liu.  •  Music by: Jian Zhang.
    Chinese activist filmmaker Cui Zi'en crafts the first all gay Chinese science fiction film with this fantastical tale of a lonely extraterrestrial who learns a tender lesson in earthly love after being taken in by a curious bisexual. When Xiao Bo first saw the curious alien, he was alone and naked on a long stretch of highway. He claimed to be from Mars, so Xiao Bo brought him home in order to teach him a thing or two about life on Earth. Dubbed ''ET'' by his human hosts, the curious alien soon reveals that he has been sent to this planet in order to learn as much as possible about physical interaction. Bisexual Xiao Bo has both a girlfriend and a boyfriend, neither of whom are particularly thrilled that Xiao Bo has brought home a new lover. Later, when Xiao Bo's girlfriend attempts to have a child with ''ET,'' the alien falls into a deep coma. Now the way to revive ''ET'' is for Xiao Bo to utter the words ''I love you.'' Once that happens, Xiao Bo resolves to teach his extraterrestrial friend the true meaning of Earthly Love before ''ET'' travels back to his home planet to reveal his passionate findings.