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Last Chicana, The

Last Chicana, The (2010) Movie Poster
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USA  •    •  84m  •  Directed by: Hector Jimenez.  •  Starring: Sandra Castro, Hector Rupitt, Kenny Santiago Marrero, Ozzie Rodriguez, Blanca Blanco, Eliza Deangeles, Merrell Molly, Chad Post..
    In the future, the U.S. attempts economic stability by selling states to a now-prosperous Mexico. Liz, a punk rockin' Chicana, must stay in L.A. and become a Mexican citizen or go north and remain American. Everyone around her has an opinion, from 'Mexico is a scary alien culture' to 'You can't change your blood'. Simultaneously, Liz must deal with an ex boyfriend released from prison, street gangs, futuristic weaponry and a car chase through the City of Angels. Ultimately Liz must not only decide where she'll go in the frenzy, but survive long enough to get there.