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Black Hole, Wyoming

Black Hole, Wyoming (2011) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  111m  •  Directed by: Kevin Cramer, Chris Lang.  •  Starring: Kevin Cramer, Chris Lang, Aaron Pressburg, Caroline Sanchez, Devin Standard Shallow, Mariah Ankenman, Paul Ankenman, Christopher Bigos, Kris Kontour, Larson Lind, Lynn Moore Broughton, Benjamin Roberts, Samuel Ross West..
    In the summer of 2010, University of Wyoming graduate students and roommates, Craig Zolecki, and Gus Wormley disappeared without a trace. They've never been found. In the weeks before their disappearance, they documented their existence on a hand-held camera as they attempted to break their lease, citing a very annoying phenomenon which suddenly appeared above their television. Little did they know the cosmic insanity had just begun.


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