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Ultimo Sole Della Notte, L'

Ultimo Sole Della Notte, L' (2016) Movie Poster
Italy  •    •    •  Directed by: Matteo Scarfò.  •  Starring: Danilo Rotundo, Alessandra Mortelliti, Alessandro Damerini, Andrea Lupia, Giovanni Andriuoli, Lucia Cristofaro, Annalisa Insardà, Mario Marascio, Vanessa Curto, Parise Marta, Pino Torcasio, Claudia Fratarcangeli, Vincenzo Tallura.  •  Music by: Lorenzo Sutton.
    No synopsis is available for this movie.


I really appreciated this great little film, which exudes a passion for genre cinema and science fiction literature. We are used to super hero protagonists catapulted into various apocalypses ready to sacrifice themselves for the next while here we have a completely apathetic protagonist who seems not even aware of the tragedy that surrounds him because he is too busy clinging to his everyday life, which has completely disintegrated (practically the real everyday life of most human beings). Each character has its own story. Each character moves through this condominium-world trying to survive as best he can. Today it takes courage for independent directors to invest everything in this kind of film, and I think it's right and right to support it despite its flaws.

Review by demontecatia from the Internet Movie Database.