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Ultra Flesh

Ultra Flesh (1980) Movie Poster
  •  USA  •    •  88m  •    •  Directed by: Svetlana.  •  Starring: Seka, Jamie Gillis, Tyler Reynolds, John Leslie, Luis De Jesus, Georgie Vegas, Lisa De Leeuw, John Seeman, Clyde Wilcox, Doug Lear, Ken Conard, Ken Yontz, Misha Boyko.  •  Music by: John Hoffman, Walt Paschal.
    In a bleak future world, the earth's male population has been rendered impotent by space aliens bent on conquering the world. Things begin to look up for the earthlings when an intergalactic council dispatches sultry space vixen Ultra Flesh a vixen from another world who leads a space legion of 26 Fleshettes to earth to foil the plan and re-energize the world's male populace.


Image from: Ultra Flesh (1980)
Image from: Ultra Flesh (1980)
Image from: Ultra Flesh (1980)
According to this film's opening Star Wars-inspired 'crawl', the near-future of the 1990s sees a crisis hit the world: the men of Earth are rendered impotent by Sugarman (Jamie Gillis), an extraterrestrial with a Cuban accent (?) from the ice world Freon who wants to take over our planet. Humanity's only hope is a beautiful blonde space agent called Ultra Flesh who, with the help of her Fleshettes, can restore men's virility.

The only reason I watch an adult movie is if I think it can offer me something other than repetitive bump and grind. Ultra Flesh, for example, has an amusing sci-fi concept, with a sexy superhero who can fire erection beams from her crotch, an intergalactic council of bizarre aliens, a villain from a frozen planet under threat from global warming, a giant phallic papier-mâché construction, and a pair of mischievous midgets. Colour me intrigued.

Unfortunately, even with its more outlandish moments, this film is still quite the tedious experience. The sex scenes are filmed with little imagination, which renders them boring (no surprises there), but the bits inbetween aren't anywhere near as camp or bizarre enough to compensate. About the only things I enjoyed about the whole film were a Benny Hill-style speeded-up chase scene featuring the two little people -- one of whom is kinda scary looking and gets in on the sexy action, and one who is totally crazy ("Hoo-hoo-ha-ha-hyuck-hyuck!") -- and a head-scratching moment where the Earth's most powerful leaders ride the dodgems before getting down and dirty with Seka.

Review by BA_Harrison from the Internet Movie Database.