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Urusei Yatsura 6: Itsudatte, Mai Dârin

Urusei Yatsura 6: Itsudatte, Mai Dârin (1991) Movie Poster
Japan  •    •  77m  •    •  Directed by: Katsuhisa Yamada.  •  Starring: Fumi Hirano, Toshio Furukawa, Naoko Matsui, Shinnosuke Furumoto, Noriko Ohara, Yûko Mita, Machiko Washio, Akira Kamiya, Saeko Shimazu, Shigeru Chiba, Akira Murayama, Shinji Nomura, Issei Futamata.  •  Music by: Mitsuru Kotaki.
    Lupica, another one of the legion of space princesses that all seem to have found out about Earth in some tour book, appears and abducts Ataru. Needless to say, Lum, assisted by her friends Oyuki and Benten, gives chase. Also needless to say, Lupica isn't after Ataru for his great looks or charming personality (because he doesn't have either). Lupica's goal is the greatest love potion in the galaxy, which she intends to use to seduce her sweetheart to tie the knot.


Image from: Urusei Yatsura 6: Itsudatte, Mai Dârin (1991)
Image from: Urusei Yatsura 6: Itsudatte, Mai Dârin (1991)
Image from: Urusei Yatsura 6: Itsudatte, Mai Dârin (1991)
This movie was released in 1991, ten years after the Urusei Yatsura debuted on Japanese TV. I guess for this reason, Itsudatte My Darling was a feature-length film rather than going straight to video like most of the other UY stories made after the TV series ended. As stated by other users here, this movie's unrelated to the fifth movie, and is a side story. Overall, I felt the movie wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything to write home about, either. The animation was done by Madhouse this time around, but don't expect the movie to look like one of Taro Rin's works. TAKAHASHI Kumiko did the character designs, and I was a bit bugged at her design for Lum, who looked less like an Oni and more like an elf. As for the writing, the story seems to focus much more on Lupica & Rio than Lum & Ataru. What I really disapproved of was the fact that Ataru is reduced to just a mere stereotype of himself, lusting after Lupica like an oversexed puppy, showing none of the devotion to Lum that makes him endearing.

This movie's only for die-hard UY fans who want to complete their collection, newcomers to the series are better off watching the first film instead.

Review by akira625 from the Internet Movie Database.


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