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Second Coming, The

Second Coming, The (1995) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  53m  •    •  Directed by: Jack Walsh.  •  Starring: Al Giordano, Desi del Valle, Jeff Constan, John Connally, Wendee Lee Curtis, Eddie Daniels, Joseph Steiner, Shelly Volk, Helen Palladino, Andy Moore..
    In the not-too-distant future, the world has succumbed to unchecked racism and homophobia. Two teenage boys fall in love and are socially ostracized. As Christian fundamentalists repressively clamp down on homosexuality, the boys fight back by joining an underground resistance movement that broadcasts messages of freedom and acceptance.


Image from: Second Coming, The (1995)
It looks like some one gave a bunch of high school students a camera and told them to go for it. The result is 'The Second Coming', written by Jack Walsh and K.M Soehnlein and directed by Jack Walsh. This is about a religious fanatical group that takes power in the United States and begins to rewrite the Constitution based on the bible. Fags and Lesbians are out. So are Jews, apparently, and anyone else not 'Christian'. Usually I can find something good to say about a movie, no matter how dismal an effort it is, but this one leaves me speechless. The acting (what there is of it ) is so bad as to be embarrassing. Mr. Walsh uses the movie to convey his own paranoid political ideology and does it poorly. Documentary film footage is slipped in, jarring scenes of poverty are stitched together and he uses a sledge hammer to get his message across. I realized early on that the movie was basically unwatchable but I persevered just to see how bad it could get.

It got worse. Much worse. You are warned.

However, in the DVD bonus feature there is a short film by Mr. Walsh entitled "A Letter to Rock". It is touching and thought provoking. This too was filmed in 1994 before the AIDS cocktail began to prolong the lives of so many people. It is an interesting and very affecting film about how hopeless it all was back then. How ignored we were by the powers that be when we weren't being vilified by them. I know. I was there. I remember. Thanks, Mr. Walsh for that.

Review from the Internet Movie Database.