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Ulemae 6: Je3 sedae

Ulemae 6: Je3 sedae (1989) Movie Poster
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South Korea  •    •  88m  •    •  Directed by: Cheong-gi Kim.  •  Starring: Jeong-ho Han, Jong-a Kim, Yong-soo Eom, Jung-suk Moon, Boh-ra-nah Kim, Yeong-ho Lee, Dae-uk An, Pal Jang, Hui-Seong Jin, Keum-san Cho, Myeong-ho Han, Bong-yeon Jeong, Won-Seok Choe.  •  Music by: Woo-yeong Nam.
A meteorite hits the earth, giving off mysterious energy and light. With Dr. Moss' help, Almon hanesses its power and uses it to conquer the underground empire with the goal to take control of Wuroimae and to conquer the universe...


Image from: Ulemae 6: Je3 sedae (1989)
Image from: Ulemae 6: Je3 sedae (1989)
Image from: Ulemae 6: Je3 sedae (1989)
This movie is showing to us Most spectacle and biggest scale action in Ulamae series. That was really great. the '3dimension Uremae' is not good. and I don't like purple! I think this ulemae is most ugly machine in any series. Also there were no Sim hyung rae! That's very sad story! some people very hard to think Ulemae without sim hyung rae. But This Movie is still great! because the last action is too cool! I've seen this film more than 29 Time! But every time I see this movie, still Fun! although Ulemae is ugly, Bad guy's machine is great!

Review by Park Sang Bin [IMDB 25 March 2002] from the Internet Movie Database.