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Hunt, The

Hunt, The (2006) Movie Poster
  •  USA  •    •  90m  •    •  Directed by: Fritz Kiersch.  •  Starring: Joe Michael Burke, Cliff De Young, Robert Rusler, Mitchell Burns, Amy Briede, Thomas Cunningham, Becky Love, Jon Dozhier, Brett Bower, John Hornbuckle, Brandon H. Fields.  •  Music by: Sean Morris.
      Bow hunting enthusiast Jack Hamberg, his eight-year old stepson Clint and former news cameraman Atticus Monroe are on a mission to make a deer hunting video. All that is needed to complete the video is a "kill". Jack and Atticus reluctantly decide to trespass onto a nearby property where there may be more abundant prey. Once inside the restricted area, they come upon some frightening realizations. The hunters have become the hunted. Only one comes out alive with the tapes that captured the horrific events that transpired on "The Hunt".


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Image from: Hunt, The (2006)
Image from: Hunt, The (2006)
Image from: Hunt, The (2006)
It is an odd film to describe. If I had to guess the elevator pitch, it would probably be something like 'Blair Witch meets Signs'. I am also reminded a bit of last year's The Fourth Kind, which was more strait forward and progressive in its storytelling. The Hunt is a film that slowly builds up to an overambitious climactic twenty minutes. Unless you spend half the day going over the film (and for something like this I don't wanna bother) it will probably leave you with more questions than answers. The film is kind of interesting and engaging, but it ends up delivering a wreck of a pay off which makes me a little dubious about recommending it. Then again, it is kind of spooky evocative and disturbing, in a Blair Witch manner, which is pretty much what the Hunt intends to be.

Jack Hamberg is going deer hunting with his step son. He is bringing along a professional camera man to film them, not simply for fun but for business. In addition to being a chance to bond with young Clint, the hunt is also a small advertising gig, for a special piece of camera technology which has yet to go on the market. They left in the morning, they disappeared that night. The next day, Clint's real father starts up the search party, and he too is having himself documented on camera. The film cuts back and forth between the hunt and various periods of the search. During the hunt, Hamberg and son, cross into some private property while tracking a deer, and once on the other side, they start to see and hear some bizarre things which may lead to some trouble up the road.

The narrative is kind of a spoiler in the sense that we know some of the outcome before it happens. The ending is both happy and sad, though also aggravating. There are two other problems I have with this movie. The huntingtracking part of the film takes up more screen time than necessary. We see the same kinds of shots and hear the same lines over and over again. While that part is too long, the climax on the other hand is overly rushed and muddled. This is the most frightening and exciting part of the movie, yet it feels too contrived for me to just except it. Even though The Hunt is effectively artsy in its design, its storytelling ability is poor.

I cannot say I didn't enjoy myself, but the idea defeats the execution somewhat. If you really wanna see this, you may as well. It has enough going for it, to spook a viewer, but the final product needs polishing.

Review by Samiam3 from the Internet Movie Database.