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Killer Tumbleweeds

Killer Tumbleweeds (2008) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  87m  •    •  Directed by: Ben McCain.  •  Starring: Ben McCain, Butch McCain, Bella Shaw, Mike Kimmel, Tracy Metro, Don Appleby, William R. Allen, Brian Christopher Anderson, Jesse Arias, Bob Bandholtz, Stephaine Biela, Randa Bukowski, Adrian Bumpass.  •  Music by: The McCain Brothers.
    The good people of Middle America are being attacked by tumbleweeds! The U.S. military is testing tumbleweeds as weapons to destroy terrorists. The tumbleweeds have escaped. Now hundreds of innocent people in Middle America have been killed. 10,000 head of livestock destroyed, not counting chickens and sheep and, more than 300,000 children are suffering Killer Tumbleweed Trauma. The military refuses to take responsibility. Our government will not comment. Only one news organization is bold enough to report on this tragedy. The whole world is watching it unfold.


The idea of tumble weeds coming alive & killing people is an interesting albeit ridiculous idea. But haven't we seen some crazy ideas come down the pipeline in the horror genre before? However the writersproducers don't take themselves any more serious than you will take the movie. Watch with the idea that this was made on no budget by a couple of guys whose primary experience is in the talk shownews industry and you will be able to laugh along! I gave it four stars because it is low budget and most of the actors are obviously amateur even though I personally know Butch McCain (My Name is Bruce) ...I should have been easier on him. But I know his real talent is more in the actingvoice and even singing area than writing or directing! Still Killer Tumbleweeds is a fun watch mainly because of the concept and maybe one day a big studio will pick it up remake it into a legit horror or horrorcomedy!

Review by Josh Anderson from the Internet Movie Database.