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Superman: Requiem

Superman: Requiem (2011) Movie Poster
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UK / USA  •    •  82m  •    •  Directed by: Gene Fallaize.  •  Starring: Martin Richardson, Paul Khanna, Stacy Sobieski, Lucy Bruegger, Tony Cook, Andrew Carn, Kingsley Pilgrim, Tom Toal, Julian McDowell, Amelia Tyler, Jack O'Halloran, Serena Lorien, Gene Fallaize.  •  Music by: Joseph Bennie.
    When the Man of Steel is rendered almost powerless by an evil mastermind, he must find a way to prove to the world that he is still a super man.


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Image from: Superman: Requiem (2011)
Image from: Superman: Requiem (2011)
Image from: Superman: Requiem (2011)
Where to start? At the positive. Superman Requiem is a really ambitious attempt by a group of amateur film makers who have seemingly come together to make a home movie that picks up events following Superman 2. The plot largely centres around SupermanClark kent's return to find that Lois has fled to London. He is left to rebuild, and we focus on his subsequent battle with the son of Lex Luther who seeks personal revenge. Again, I want to make a point in commending the film makers for actually getting this film made, given that due to copyright and intellectual property this will have certainly been entirely self funded and everyone will have worked for free due to their love of the source material. The home made special effects are also decent enough at first glance. Unfortuanately, that's all the positives right there. The direction is shambolic, with absolutely no fluidity to any of the scenes, most of the camera work is stiff and you can tell that 'action' has just been called as each new scene starts. The acting is dreadful. Martin Richardson is a very unlikely Superman not only in his slight and gangly build, but in his awkward delivery, appearing almost embarrassed at the dialogue he is forced to spout. Stacy Sobieski fares little better as Superman's new love interest, coming across wooden and disinterested for the most part. Beyond the two leads there are some truly shocking supporting performances. Alex Luther is somewhat watchable but his crew of henchman are utterly terrible. I did quite well to get past the opening 5 minutes of the film, given that the acting was so poor in the 'set up.' Children's nativity plays are more believable. That said, this has to be forgiven considering that it is a fan film and that these are not professionals. With that view, I hope that they enjoyed the experience and will keep a DVD of their movie but leave film making to the professionals from now on.

Review by Jnoirnoir1032 from the Internet Movie Database.


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