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En tu Cabeza

En tu Cabeza (2016) Movie Poster
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Spain  •    •  67m  •    •  Directed by: Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, Borja Cobeaga, Kike Maíllo, Alberto Ruiz Rojo.  •  Starring: Michelle Jenner, Hugo Silva, Concha Cuetos, Adrián Lastra, Fernando Tejero, Daniel Guzmán, Rossy de Palma, Luis Varela, Marta Castellote, Maxi Iglesias, Ana Morgade, Miguel Poveda, Biel Querol..
    Andrea lives in the year 2052 and her job consists of travelling back in time, inserting herself into our heads to make us aware of the importance of energy efficiency in safeguarding the environment. The goal of these journeys is to change the fate of the world, but Andrea is also planning to change her own fate, preventing her past self from committing the mistakes she now regrets so much.