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Chand Par Chadayee

Chand Par Chadayee (1967) Movie Poster
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India  •    •  150m  •    •  Directed by: T.P. Sundaram.  •  Starring: Dara Singh, Anwar Hussain, Master Bhagwan, S. Nazir, Ratna, Padma Khanna, Kanchanamala, Rajrani, Helen, Trilok Singh, Saudagar Singh, Mohammad Azad, Rana Pratap.  •  Music by: Usha Khanna.
     Captain Anand and his paternal cousin, Bhagu, set off on a mission to the moon. Once there, Anand is captured, asked to wrestle a gorilla, and emerges victorious. A number of women want to make him his, and even compete with each other - but he gives his heart to Rajkumari Shimoga. Things take a turn for the worst when warrior king, Barahatu, who wants to make Shimoga his, as well as rule the moon, attacks and abducts Shimoga, while his deceptive assistant, Simi, travels to Earth, and abducts Anand's mother and vocally-challenged sister, Rekha.